Welcome to a new year in the Millbrae School District!

It’s an exciting year of change for both the foundation and for our district. MEF is starting off the school year with a combined Double Donation Days/Walk-a-Thon event that brings all 5 of our schools together with our supporting community sponsors. We’ll be posting updates on the website, by email, and on Facebook/Twitter in the days leading up to October 4th’s big event, but please read on for an quick overview!

combinedOur fellow district parents have been asking the foundation for two changes:

  1. fewer fundraisers during the year;
  2. and for MEF to connect with Silicon Valley funding for our schools.

We agree on both counts, and that’s why we are really changing things this year. Thanks to extremely strong support from community sponsors, we are proud to present Double Donation Days (August 31-October 4) culminating in our first all-schools Walk-a-Thon for Millbrae’s Public Schools on Sunday, October 4!

You can DOUBLE your annual contribution made online until October 4 with our Community Challenge Grant. MEF will also accept in-person donations at your Back-to-School Nights, as well as on-campus on Friday, October 2, and at the Walk-a-Thon itself on October 4.

If we raise $200,000 through this combined kick-off event, our MEF volunteers will be able to spend time connecting with Silicon Valley and SF companies rather than holding multiple fundraisers throughout the year. Give now to double your donation and encourage your student to raise pledges for Walk-a-Thon beginning on September 18.

Let’s rise to the Challenge, Millbrae!

THANKS to our family and community donors, the Millbrae Education Foundation raised $335,000 in 2014-15 for Millbrae’s public school students! Because we are a volunteer-run organization, that money goes directly to funding vital teaching staff for music, band, and technology in our 5 schools. Read more about 2015-16 MEF programs by subject, teacher, and school.

Christine Taylor and Karen Bettucchi

Christine Taylor and Karen Bettucchi

For the past 4 school years, district parent Karen Bettucchi headed our MEF board, taking the foundation to new heights. Please thank Karen for your child’s improved education through MEF-funded music, band and technology programs. We are so very lucky that she is still a huge part of MEF as Immediate Past President, hard-working volunteer, and my mentor as I serve as President for the 2015-16 school year.

It is now my honor to head the MEF, building upon the foundation’s past success and challenging all of our families and community members to fund real 21st century STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and math) education in Millbrae.

I have served as an MEF volunteer for the past 4 years, joining the board in December 2013. My 2 children are proud Lomita Park students, and I am a graphic designer and programmer by profession. Please feel free to email me at any time with questions or comments about MEF and the ways in which we serve the students of the Millbrae School District.

Christine E. Taylor
2015-16 MEF President

Our short-term goal is to raise $200,000 by October 4 in our combined Double Donation Days/Walk-a-Thon challenge. This will put us on track to reach our 2015-16 school year goal of $400,000 to fund 21st century innovations in Millbrae’s public schools.

Millbrae Education FoundationWelcome to 2015-16!