Technology Staff Bio – Mr. Tom Wachs

Technology Instructor/Coach

Mr. Wachs was born in San Francisco and grew up in Mill Valley. Early interests in photography and the arts lead to a BA in Art from UC Berkeley and a subsequent career as a freelance photographer throughout the Bay Area. His early introduction to digital media came through photography but a growing interest in working with young people and in the integration of technology in education resulted in a career change. Since receiving his Single-Subject credential in Art from SFSU and a Supplemental Credential in Computer Concepts and Applications, Mr. Wachs has worked for over sixteen years in K-8 settings developing and teaching technology-infused lessons as well as collaborating with teachers to integrate technology into their classrooms. In addition, Mr. Wachs is a graduate of the MERIT program through the Krause Center for Innovation at Foothill College.

Mr. Wachs likes to point out that the first explicit integration of technology in our educational standards comes within the Common Core and that this represents a significant step as it acknowledges that these competencies are of fundamental importance for students. He is dedicated to effectively and meaningfully supporting students and teachers with learning and integrating these skills.

A particularly gratifying aspect of his work has been helping guide student’s existing enthusiasm for and capabilities with technology in directions that provide them with skills and experiences that are meaningful in an educational setting.

Mr. Wachs is passionate in his belief that technology integration into the core curriculum can bring important benefits: stimulating engagement with subject matter, offering unique and differentiated ways to demonstrate understanding, and enabling collaboration among students. In addition, digital technologies offer many tools that open possibilities for creative self-expression.

Mr. Wachs acknowledges and is grateful for the immense contribution of the MEF in support of technology in the Millbrae schools.

Barry TsaiTechnology Staff Bio – Mr. Tom Wachs