School Programs – Draft

MEF funds programs at Green Hills, Lomita Park, Meadows, Taylor, and Spring Valley.

What we fund NOW using last year’s totals:

At the September 5, 2017 School Board meeting, MEF had the privilege to present Millbrae Elementary School District with our community’s donation raised during the 2016-2017 school year: $384,444. This is the largest donation that we have ever been able to give to the school district!

Because of YOUR support, Millbrae students explore the worlds of music and technology with skilled educators. All elementary students have music class, and 5th graders can learn to play band instruments. All elementary students have technology class, and middle school students and teachers have extensive tech exposure and coaching through the onsite media lab. Taylor has reinstated early-morning small ensemble and orchestral music instruction. Classroom teachers use increased professional development time to build interdisciplinary and collaborative programming to deepen our students’ learning.

Now, we ask you to help grow our vision!

MEF partners with your PTA or PTO and Millbrae Elementary School District to help make sure that every Millbrae student has access to enrichment programming. Our district is currently the lowest-funded elementary district in San Mateo County. It is up to our community to make sure that Millbrae students get the education they deserve! Help us imagine the possibilities, and then make them a reality.

Just imagine if your child had…

  • More Arts enrichment
  • More Physical Education to help with focus during academics and build healthy lifestyles
  • More and deeper enrichment in science, technology, engineering and math, to help build curiosity and skills to boost success academically and in the future workforce

These kinds of programming and more are all possibilities…if we have the funding we need to provide them.

Our 2017-2018 fundraising goal is $500,000 – so that we can expand the enrichment available to students in Millbrae and take another step closer to providing our students with the very best education we possibly can!

2016-17 Programs in Detail

Jackie Giacomazzi: Taylor Digital Arts, Yearbook, classroom tech integration for 6th-8th

Tom Wachs: Elementary computer/tech & teacher training (Meadows & Green Hills). Joint funding with MSD
Maryann Koliopoulous: Elementary computer/tech & teacher training (Lomita Park & Spring Valley). Joint funding with MSD

Kaori Nakano DeNoia: TK-5th Classroom Music
Daniel Means: 5th Grade Band/4th Grade Classroom Music
Dr. G. Mancho Gonzalez: Middle School Instrumental Music

Kaori Nakano DeNoia teaches TK-3rd and 5th grade classroom music at all of our elementary schools. Ms. Nakano has been teaching music and piano since the age of 15 in Japan. She holds Vocal Performance degrees from the Kyoto Horikawa Music High School Kobe College (BA) and San Francisco Conservatory of Music (MA).

Daniel Means teaches 5th grade band and 4th grade recorder at all of our elementary schools. Mr. Means is a saxophonist and musician formerly of the Brooklyn-based band Kayo Dot.

Both teachers are funded 100% by MEF donors!

Dr. G. Mancho Gonzalez teaches Instrumental Music at Taylor Middle School. Thanks to MEF funding, he is able to work with students on small ensemble performance, second instrument instruction, and orchestral instrument instruction during Zero Period Band.

Our elementary tech program continues with two technology teachers for our four elementary schools! Maryann Koliopoulous teaches at Spring Valley and Lomita Park, while Tom Wachs teachers at Green Hills and Meadows. The district funds 50% of this program with MEF donor funds.

Jackie Giacomazzi has stepped up as tech teacher and trainer at Taylor Middle School, and we’ll update with more program information throughout the year. The district funds this part-time position 100% with MEF donor funds.

Programs by School

 Music education for every student, TK-5th (Kaori Nakano DeNoia and Daniel Means)

 5th-grade band (Daniel Means)

 Computer/tech ed, 1st-5th (Tom Wachs)

 Music education for every student, TK-5th (Kaori Nakano DeNoia and Daniel Means)

 5th-grade band (Daniel Means)

 Computer/tech ed, 1st-5th (Mary Ann Koliopoulos)

 Music education for every student, TK-5th (Kaori Nakano DeNoia and Daniel Means)

 5th-grade band (Daniel Means)

 Computer/tech ed, 1st-5th (Tom Wachs)

Digital Arts/technology programs for 6th-8th (Jackie Giacomazzi)

Technology integration for 21st-century classrooms (Jackie Giacomazzi)

Small-ensemble, Jazz, and Orchestral Music instruction (Dr. G. Mancho Gonzalez)

 Music education for every student, TK-5th (Kaori Nakano DeNoia and Daniel Means)

 5th-grade band (Daniel Means)

 Computer/tech ed, 1st-5th (Mary Ann Koliopoulos)

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