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ARCHIVE: Status update: September 2014

Welcome to a new school year in Millbrae! The Millbrae Education Foundation is thrilled to fund music and computer education again this year, thanks to contributions from district families and the generosity of our community donors. Here’s where MEF is as of today:


  • MEF raised $312,000 from July 2013-June 2014.
  • Our expenses were only 4.5%. For nonprofits, operating expenses of 10-15% are considered outstanding ~ thanks to our volunteers & sponsors, MEF financials are better than outstanding! We are committed to ensuring that MEF donations go DIRECTLY to improving education for our kids.
  • Since our 2013-14 music teacher was unable to start until well into the school year, there was $22,000 left over from our MEF donation to the district last year. We are utilizing this carryover amount to fund this year’s programs.
  • On September 2, 2014, MEF gave $270,000 to the Millbrae School District. This amount, combined with the $22,000 carryover (for a total of $292,000), will fund our elementary music teacher for all K-5 students; our computer teacher for all 1-5 students; our computer educator for all Taylor students and teachers; and zero-period band practice for Taylor students for the current (2014-15) school year.
  • We now have $28,000 remaining from the $312,000 raised in 2013-14 for further improvements in our current school year. Our Board is working with Superintendent Luna, the Board of Trustees, and our technology and music teachers to determine how best to use these funds to expand programs this year. We always want to hear your input and ideas at MEF will keep you updated regularly on the distribution of these funds.


Those of you attending your Back-To-School nights will have an opportunity to view our new video, generously filmed & edited for free by MCTV. If you can’t make it (or just can’t wait!), watch now to meet our new music teacher, hear about our goals for 2014-15, and more!

As you may have noticed, we have a new logo and website address ( This volunteer-created new look (which cost no donor money) represents MEF’s commitment to every one of our 5 public schools and to Millbrae’s most valuable asset: our children.

THANK YOU to those who have joined us in the ongoing effort to keep Millbrae’s schools strong this year and beyond! Our kids, our future, our choice.

MEFoundationARCHIVE: Status update: September 2014
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