MEF is proud to be able to help fund the music enrichment program in our Millbrae Schools.

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Field Trip Scholarship
($4,000) Contribution by MEF

Vision and Purpose of Scholarship… with increasing enrollment and with increased costs many more or of our sixth grade families desire scholarships, full or partial, to help make it possible for our lower income students to attend the benchmark event Outdoor Education each year. This contribution makes it possible for us to never have to say “no” to a student who desires to attend this event, but cannot afford to. In addition to parent donations, this five day excursion is supported only by a grant from the Kelly Shea Gallo Foundation, a grant that we cannot be for sure will be bestowed upon us each year going forward.

Field Trip Standards Alignment… with the need for social emotional support becoming increasingly evident as critical to students’ academic success, students greatly benefit from the orientation toward building relationships with their peers and the purpose with which students leave Outdoor Education, in addition to the practical science, environmental, creative arts, and food sustainability they come away from having experienced. With these scholarships, we can ensure ALL students are able to attend whose parents desire this, and we accomplish the task of not having participation falling along socioeconomic lines. Lastly, the connectedness to self, peers, and to academic studies students experience and return with is invaluable.

In 2017-2018, roughly 30 students will benefit from full or partial scholarships up to $385

Barry TsaiMusic