Thank you for joining Lomita Park PTA!

You can join for just $10 (see Basic PTA Membership below). If you are able, please become a Full PTA Member to cover cost of your student’s PTA services and help us make Lomita Park stronger! Your contribution is 100% tax-deductible, Tax ID #94-6181766.

Basic PTA Membership

  • A stronger Lomita Park for your children.
  • Vote on school issues.
  • FREE ice cream at Baskin Robbins (while supplies last)
  • California PTA discounts
  • Help us reach our goal of 75% of students represented by the PTA!

Full PTA Membership

PTA Membership + cost of your student’s PTA services (see below for details). Includes all Basic PTA Membership benefits. Additional support above this amount is greatly appreciated and makes Lomita Park stronger. Contributions in all amounts are gratefully accepted!

School Year membership:

1 student: $87 2 students: $164 3 students: $241 Other

Monthly options (check “Make This Recurring” box at checkout):

$10, $20, $30/month

What does LP PTA provide to each student?

# of students 1 2
Basic LP PTA membership $10 $10
1 Field trip (including bus transportation) $22 $44
Computers/tablets/peripherals $20 $40
6 weeks of Vagaboom acrobatic/circus arts $15 $30
Equipment & supplies (classroom,playground) $10 $20
Assemblies $10 $20
Per-student annual 1 student: $87 2 students: $164
5th grade per-student (includes Leadership & graduation) $117 $194

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