About MEF

MEF Board of Directors

Maura LeBaron-Hsieh, President

Michele Brock, Vice President

Paula Hong, Secretary

Patricia Yee, Treasurer

Amy Grady

Jean Liu

Kiera Garrone

Lesley Tay-Chung

Karen Bettucchi, Immediate Past President (Advisory)


Millbrae Education Foundation strives to ensure that ALL Millbrae students have the opportunity to reach their highest potential.

We partner with families, parent organizations (PTA/Os), Millbrae Elementary School District, and civic organizations and businesses. Together, we generate sustainable, reliable, and increasing funding to provide a quality education and ensure a successful future for Millbrae students.

We strive for our goals by

  • Raising funds to support enrichment beyond the quality education funded by the state
  • Raising funds to hire teachers and implement district-wide programs that support our children’s future success
  • Supporting our school district as it innovates to help ALL Millbrae students find their passion for learning in a supportive environment that expects the best for all learners
  • Bringing together our community for fun and celebration

MEF? PTA? What’s the difference?

MEF funds staff and LCAP programs at all 5 schools. Based upon the previous year’s contributions, the district is able to reinstate lost programs and hire additional staff to support these programs (such as elementary music and middle school technology). If we raise less than the year before, the district must make cuts and reductions to staff and programs. Every student in the district benefits from these essential programs cut during drastic State budget cuts.

Each school’s PTA raises money for field trips, assemblies, and materials at their specific campus for that school year. PTA funds cannot hire staff nor fund LCAP programs. PTAs are intended to make campus life more communal; to support teachers in volunteering and material needs; and to enrich their students’ academic experiences with those “extras” that make school fun.


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