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May 3: MEF joins Silicon Valley Gives!

On May 3, the Millbrae Education Foundation joins Silicon Valley Gives (a 24-hour regional day of giving sponsored by Microsoft) and businesses all over Millbrae to fund the music and technology programs at Millbrae’s 5 public schools. The big day will include MEF’s Night Out and public performances from our Taylor band students.

BUSINESS OWNERS AND COMMUNITY LEADERS: Become a matching grantor, and your name will be promoted through Silicon Valley Gives, regional media, MEF, in our schools, and all over the City of Millbrae! Find out more. Deadline is April 1.

Last year, MEF was the medium-sized nonprofit with the HIGHEST NUMBER OF INDIVIDUAL DONORS out of 84 participating organizations. Let’s do it again this year, and give our students the best public school education in the Bay Area!


Millbrae Education FoundationMay 3: MEF joins Silicon Valley Gives!

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