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No Barnes & Noble Book Fair

A few of our schools’ newsletters have announced our annual Barnes & Noble Book Fair, as we have been holding this event for several years. However, this year, MEF is not holding the B&N book fair. There are 3 primary reasons for the change:

  1. PTAs each have book fairs and we don’t wish to overlap — we’re all on the same team;
  2. B&N Book Fair raises only about 0.5% of MEF’s annual budget with a huge amount of volunteer time; and
  3. MEF is committed to reducing district-wide fundraising fatigue with just 2 fundraisers for 2015-16 (our hugely successful Walk-a-Thon/Donation Days which took place on October 4, and the upcoming MEF Night Out/Silicon Valley Gives event on May 3, 2016).

MEF hopes to provide our music students with a public city-based performance opportunity at MEF Night Out/Silicon Valley Gives on May 3. In the meantime, please support your PTA’s book fair, or shop online with Amazon using our link to help fund music & technology in our 5 schools!

Millbrae Education FoundationNo Barnes & Noble Book Fair

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