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ARCHIVE: June 5, 2015 Update

c3876256-2744-4227-9d6c-da598e22f264MEF currently has $335,000 available to fund programs in September. With just a little more helpelementary music; 5th-grade band; and Taylor & elementary computer/digital education will stay in our district next school year.

THANK YOU to all who have contributed this school year! There’s still time to contribute to ensure these programs in September.

If we want Millbrae’s public schools to improve for our kids, we have to contribute the funds that the State of California does not. Our community & business supporters are encouraging you to donate by June 12 by offering 3 fantastic summer family prizes! 

ONE MARTIAL ARTS of Millbrae is offering a 1.5 hour party for your child and friends! Celebrate end-of-the-school-year, a birthday, or just for fun!

GREAT AMERICA is offering 2 tickets good for any day in the 2015 Season.

GILROY GARDENS Family Theme Park is offering 2 tickets good all summer and until November 2015.

Every district family who made a donation from August 2014 – June 12, 2015, will be entered into the drawing!

Millbrae Education FoundationARCHIVE: June 5, 2015 Update

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