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ARCHIVE: SV Gives 2015: We won!

We did it, Millbrae‬! Because of your support, MEF was on top of the Medium Nonprofit Board all 24 hours of Silicon Valley Gives! Thank you all for your support! Every donation, share, email, time spent hanging posters … EVERY ONE made a difference!

SV Gives: Millbrae Education Foundation won!

Our 305 donors gave $11,660 yesterday, which earned us $10,750 in bonuses and prize money for our schools from Silicon Valley! That’s $22,410 going to work in our schools this September.

Here are the bonuses & prizes Millbrae Education Foundation donors won for our schools in just 24 hours:

  • Most Unique Donors (overall), Medium Nonprofit prize grant from Silicon Valley Community Foundation: $5,000
  • Bernard A. Newcomb Foundation Power Hour 12-1pm: $2,500
  • Power Hour 5-6pm (from anonymous grantor): $2,500
  • Most Unique Donors (hourly) from Silicon Valley Community Foundation:
    • 6-7am: $250
    • 9-10am: $250
    • 12-1pm: $250

The money we earned during that 24 hours is wonderful for our schools, but more than that … our Most Unique Donors award demonstrates that MILLBRAE CARES ABOUT ITS PUBLIC SCHOOLS! Since we are willing to invest in our schools, corporations are more likely to as well. And, we’re going to do this again next year: May 3, 2016.

If you want to join the team building relationships with Silicon Valley companies, please contact Christine Taylor.


Millbrae Education FoundationARCHIVE: SV Gives 2015: We won!

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