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ARCHIVE: 2nd Chance Donation Days!


Second Chance Donation Days take place on January 28 & 29 (Wednesday & Thursday) at each of our schools and online. Why is it important for every family to contribute to MEF? On each school day leading up to Donation Days, we’ll highlight 1 of 5 Funding Facts to answer this question.


Only 30% of Millbrae district families have made their MEF contribution this school year. Those families are supporting 100% of our students.

 At this low level of family participation, MEF does not qualify to apply for most music and technology grants. After all, if our own community isn’t stepping up to support education in Millbrae, why should others invest in our students?
Without more participation from our families, our schools cannot fully meet the needs of our 21st century students. Help us reach our goal of 100% participation tomorrow & Thursday, or online right now!


The key to strong schools during these years of insufficient state funding is simple: family support of both the MEF and PTA. Each PTA funds classroom materials and equipment. MEF funds the educators to teach our students how to thrive in the 21st-century classroom and beyond.

MEF funds vital teaching staff for which our district does not receive state money. Right now, we fund a full-time technology teacher at Taylor, as well as the music teacher, band teacher, and computer teacher shared among our four elementary schools. Thank an MEF donor for your student’s improved education … or better yet, become one!

Your school’s field trips, equipment purchases, assemblies, enrichment programs are all PTA-funded! Each PTA is invaluable for building a strong community at its school, but PTA funds cannot be used to hire staff and fund vital district wide programs.

Can’t wait until January 28?


It’s understandable to focus solely on your own child’s education experience. However, in the public school system, every student’s success is dependent upon the strength of the district itself.

All of our elementary students move on to Taylor Middle School. Therefore, the quality of education at every elementary school directly affects your student in 6th-8th grade and beyond.We are all in this together.


Millbrae funding comparisonPublic schools are free. Great schools are not. Public school students in California are entitled to a tuition-free education. Unfortunately, California still ranks at the bottom of the nation in per-student funding. For every enrolled student, MSD receives about half of the national per-student average, and only about 67% of the already low California average.

Our students deserve more than the incomplete education a state-funded school can provide. So, yes, public schools are free … but great schools are not. Your MEF donations make the difference between basic schooling and a complete education for the whole child.

Neighboring education foundations are providing their students with state-of-the-art education: reduced class sizes; functioning school libraries; fully-realized music, tech and visual art programs … all funded by donations from district families and the surrounding community. Don’t Millbrae’s students deserve the same?


San Mateo County property tax distributionDoes this look familiar? If you pay property tax in San Mateo County, your bill notes that 45% goes to school districts. But property taxes do NOT directly fund our five Millbrae district schools!

Millbrae Elementary School District is a “revenue limit district,” which means that it receives a minimal amount per student from the State of California based on average daily attendance (ADA). This type of funding does not increase significantly when local housing prices rise.

The high cost of real estate in our district has minimal impact on the amount of money that our schools receive from the State of California.

Can’t wait until January 28?


Millbrae Education FoundationARCHIVE: 2nd Chance Donation Days!