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ARCHIVE: Status of 5th Grade Band


What’s happening with our elementary band program? We think it’s important that all of our donors stay aware of the program’s status. This drives home the importance of funding our programs fully and robustly, rather than barely sustaining them each year.

Due to the District’s contract with the teachers’ union (Millbrae Education Association, or MEA), the band instructor position had to first be posted and made available to credentialed teachers. No one applied for that position, so now the District is able to move forward with finding a band specialist to instruct 5th grade band students. Superintendent Luna sent out the following email to 5th Grade parents on October 21.

Dear Parents and Guardians of Interested 5th Grade Band Students:

First, I want to begin with my sincerest apologies for our inability to hire a part-time band teacher. Since our last update, we have advertised for a credentialed band teacher to teach our 5th grade students, and we have not received one application. We have even contacted the universities around us to find interns that may be interested in this teaching opportunity, and still no interest. We are currently looking at private instructors who would be willing to teach beginning band at our schools.

Meanwhile, I will be meeting with our 5th grade students who are interested in participating in band in the next two days. From these initial meetings, I will create a schedule to get the beginning band program started.

Tomorrow (Wednesday) I will meet with interested 5th grade students at Lomita Park and Green Hills Schools. I will meet with the interested 5th grade students at Spring Valley and Meadows on Thursday. Please, no instruments this week. I will create a schedule and send it to you so that you know what day of the week your student should bring his/her instrument to school.

I am so very sorry that we have had this delay. As a former music teacher with a current single subject music education credential, I’m happy to step in and get this program started until we find an instructor for beginning band.

Linda Luna

Millbrae Education FoundationARCHIVE: Status of 5th Grade Band