Fundraising Status


We are $95,000 short as of June 3, with a deadline of June 30. Here’s the exact cost to fund MEF programs in 2016-17:

Elementary and Taylor Tech Instruction: $206,100
Elementary Music & Band: $117,000
Taylor 0-Period Band Instruction: $20,000

Contribute by June 30

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Thank you to every family who has made their school-year contribution to MEF for better education in our district. The amount we raise by June 30, 2016, is the contribution we make to the district. Donations made to your PTA do not fund these programs.

2015-16 Programs

MEF is funding expanded music and tech programs at Green Hills, Lomita Park, Spring Valley, Meadows and Taylor Middle School for 2015-16!

If you cannot afford the annual contribution of $500 per student, a contribution of any size is gratefully accepted. Why does our district need this contribution?Funding Comparison

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